Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to get started with Change to Chill in your classroom, home or community!

Change to Chill™ is a free, online mental well-being program that aims to help teens identify stress, learn about how it affects them and, most importantly, how to manage it. 

How do I get to Change to Chill?


The Change to Chill website is accessible on all devices (including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones). Simply visit our homepage to find the right program and resources for you! 


What are the topics covered by Change to Chill?


Change to Chill covers topics related to mental well-being including


Topics can be viewed from the “teen” side of the website or from the “educator/adult” side of the website. All topics are covered on both sides of the website. Allina Health’s topic area experts and curriculum writers craft the lessons and activities, all aligned with National Health and Physical Education Standards. Change to Chill content is always expanding, so check in often to keep up to date!


What ages can use Change to Chill resources?

Change to Chill is designed for teens ages 11-19, as well as for educators/parents/guardians who support teens but can be used at any age! According to the American Psychological Association, teens are under pressure and are reporting stress levels and symptoms comparable with that of adults. Stress is linked to symptoms of depression and anxiety, which can lead to further psychological and physical concerns. Change to Chill was created especially for teens and by teens, in response to these rising rates of mental health issues.

Where should I start with Change to Chill resources?

As an educator or adult, you should start with the mentorship resources. A variety of tools are available here, including resources on mental health and tools for Leading a Series of Lessons on Change to Chill curriculum. The Lead a Series section is a great place to start for easy, step-by-step instructions for implementing Change to Chill as individual lessons and activities or as a series. 

Can I find Change to Chill content on social media?

You can find Change to Chill on Instagram, Pinterest and through Allina Health’s Twitter. Follow, share and like today! You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter by entering your email address on our homepage

Are there interactive features of Change to Chill?

We have an exciting interactive tool — The Stress Factor Quiz! The Stress Factor Quiz helps you understand the things that trigger stress and anxiety in your life, as well as identify key stress relievers; based on your responses, the quiz offers you specific ways to help manage them.

How do I contact Change to Chill?

You can always contact Change to Chill via email at or by clicking visiting our contact page. 

These resources are great for my teen, but what about my younger child?

Change to Chill is proud to support teens ages 11-19 in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. If you are looking for mental health resources for kids younger than this age range, please visit Health Powered Kids, where you can find a wealth of resources geared to help kids establish healthy habits. 

Where do I find more help?

If you want more resources to help guide your own physical and mental well-being, visit Allina Health’s resources to find guides on nutrition, exercise, mental health and so much more. 

How do I start the conversation around mental well-being?

If you want to start a conversation, whether it’s in your school, church, team or another community group, check out our Starter Kit, where you can download and print guides and resources to help your students begin to think about and discuss mental health. 

What other resources are available?

Please see our Resources library, where you’ll find information for both teens and parents/mentors.