About Change to Chill

Working to Reduce Stress in Teens & Young Adults

Who we are:

Change to Chill is a free, award-winning, mental well-being resource offered by Allina Health. Our interactive website is tailored to both teens and the adults who work with them. Change to Chill helps teens become more aware of the things that stress them out and equips them with relevant tools and resources to better manage stress and anxiety, so they can live happier, more resilient lives.

What we do:

We provide online and printable tools and resources that help teens become more aware of what stress is, what causes it and how to manage it. We also provide resources for parents, educators and adults to positively impact the mental health of someone they care about.

Bring Change to Chill to Your School, Team or Community

Use our resources to grow awareness and build useful support systems in your community — whether you’re looking for activities to manage your personal mental health and well-being or looking for resources to help others. Check out our Activities & Tools page to get started!

We’ve sent representatives to communities to help students create “Chill Zones” in their schools and boost awareness around mental health. Our team also provides training sessions on the Change to Chill curriculum to community teachers and staff. Our curriculum provides students and staff with actionable coping mechanisms they can use in the classroom, like “chiller” activities, mental health lessons (with worksheets and coloring books), mindful movements and much more!


Resources to help YOU Change to Chill

Use these resources to understand your stress, anxiety and mental health concerns. Then, see how you can Change to Chill every day with mindful movements, calming activities and other helpful (and fun!) resources.


Resources to help OTHERS Change to Chill

Bring Change to Chill to your teen, school, team or community. If you’re an adult looking to help teens, we have the resources to get you started on the right track. From Change to Chill curriculum worksheets and activities to in-person presentations or training sessions — we can help you bring awareness and positive change to your community.